by Rich Leonard

"Sasha" is based on a bedtime story told by Rich Leonard to his children Mackenzie and Connor as they were growing up. Sasha is different from all other foxes. She is not red in color like most foxes, but silvery grey. The underlying message of “Sasha” is to embrace the differences that exist in both the human and animal world, and that you can be different, yet still love and be loved.
Sasha by Rich Leonard
About the Author

Rich Leonard has been a teacher, town official, cable host and sells real estate. Sasha's theme of helping others has also been a focus of his life.

Rich Leonard and his high school classmate producer Steve Kalafer both believed that building bridges across racial, religious or anything else that would divide people was wrong. With Steve's passing in 2021 it reminded Rich that life is all too short.

One of his hopes is that "Sasha" will encourage other grandparents to write a book, a poem or a song creating something to be enjoyed long after they are gone.

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